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This page contains links to some small (.mp4) video clips from the show.
[EDIT: These clips were re-encoded in 2017 to enable them to be viewable on mobile devices (which did not even exist when I built this site)]
I have compromised between quality and file size in order to allow users [with56k modems] [with small data plans] to see them (and to save some of my web space!).


Click on the picture to open a new window with this video downloading automatically.

(Just minimize the window(s) to continue looking at the rest of the site whilst it (or they) download)


bob2maze.jpg (12583 bytes)Me, winning a crystal in the Aztec Zone(732k)

winning a crystalMe, winning a crystal in the Medieval Zone  (1056k)


kateaz.jpg (19692 bytes)Kate, winning a crystal in the Aztec Zone (832k)

katefuture1.jpg (14660 bytes)Kate wins a crystal in the Future Zone (622k)

simon1.jpg (12730 bytes)Simon winning a crystal in the Ocean Zone (498k)

simonmed.jpg (12926 bytes)Simon gets a crystal in The Medieval Zone (1108k)

heather2.jpg (14399 bytes)Heather gets  a crystal in the Future Zone (898k)

and finally.......the big question....

vid1.jpg (16893 bytes).......did we win the holiday??  (612k)


soundicon.jpg (1477 bytes) Click here for the theme tune in full CD-quality stereo (.mp3) - (763K)