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The Crystal Maze disappeared from our screens before they had chance to bring out a new zone....the WEB zone.....they didn't do it, but there's no reason why we shouldn't.


Before going to the Web Zone which contains the puzzles,
you must download the Flash 4 Player by clicking the button below.
(This player/plug-in is free, and is  only 161K, and is the latest version)

The button will open the download page in a new, small pop-up window. Once you can see the animation you are ready, so just close the window to return here.

...OK, so now you have the plug-in.


Once you have been to the puzzle pages and they have downloaded completely, you can play them off-line to save on your phone bill. (assuming you don't clear your cache)


in order to create a mood, the following pages will change the appearance of your screen. DONT PANIC ! Although you may feel you have lost control of your machine, even I, your new Mazekeeper, do not have the power to do that!. Every page you see (after the mini-movies) will give you an exit button, which will bring you back here. Let the movies play, sit back and enjoy....

The Web Zone