mounted .dmg

Myst Online Uru Live CIDER wrapper .dmg download

This .dmg installer contains the CIDER wrapper and is "ready to go".

Nothing else is needed. No other downloads. Just patience!

In effect, this wrapper is a "Myst Online Uru".


Just click the download link above and once the download has completed, drag it to your Desktop and double click it.

You will see the "drive mounted window" (above) ... just drag the "Myst book icon" to the "Applications folder icon" inside that window.

The Myst Online Uru will now be copied to your Applications folder and will now also appear in Launchpad.

NOTE: (If you are running MacOSX Sierra (or above) - because of the new "Gateway" protocol introduced by Apple, the first time you run this App you will need to open your Applications folder and RIGHT-click on the Uru App's book icon and select "Open" from the options.
(You only need to do this once.)

When you launch the App it will connect to Cyan's servers and download EVERYTHING you need to play Myst OnlineUru Live. Automatically.

As Steve Jobs used to say ... "it just works".

All you need to do now is wait for it to ask for your login details .... log in ... and ...let the Age files download... and you will arrive in your Relto!

(Again, the first time you log in it will download all the necessary files - about 1.2Gb).



This next bit is REALLY important!!

This "app" was created in 2014 for a previous version of Apple's MacOS.
It worked flawlessly for several years as Apple upgraded its Mac Operaion System until the upgrade to Sierra.
The upgrade to Sierra caused cursor problems to occur whereby you can not access ALL areas of the screen when playing in fullscreen mode... (windowed mode works fine).

The default mode - the first time you play using this app - is fullscreen. This means that you will have cursor problems when you first start.

To fix these cursor problems you must do the following:


press the cmd & return keys (together) to swap from fullscreen mode into windowed mode.

If you are happy to play in windowed mode then you're done!
Go back into the game and enjoy. The game will start in windowed mode the next time you play so there is nothing else for you to do.

However, you may, at some point, want to play in fullscreen mode.

This is possible, but you need to follow some more steps to get the cursor working properly:

2) Go back into the game's graphic setting and move the resolution slider ALL THE WAY TO THE RIGHT so that it matches your native desktop resolution.
This means that the game will occupy the whole of your screen
3) Go back into the game from the settings screen (you are still in windowed mode)
4) press cmd & return (together) to swap back into fullscreen mode.

(You only need to do this once, as the game will remember your new fullscreen screen settings)

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